H. R. Schröter

Specialist for internal medicine

T. Jung

Specialist for internal medicine



H. R. Schröter,

Dr. N. Kühne

Dr. K. Martchenko

Städelstr. 10

60596 Frankfurt

Consulting times

Mon – Fri 9 - 12 a.m.

Mon, Tue, Thu 3 - 5 p.m.

For appointments

call 069 - 61 90 10


In cooperation with

PKD am Städel

Praxisklinik für Diagnostik

Städelstr. 10

60596 Frankfurt am Main


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Our team at Praxis Schröter

Our team at Praxis Schröter is made up of specialists for internal medicine and healthcare professionals. They bring in their experience of several years in ambulatory care for patients.

Our ambition is to offer high efficiency in all of our medical and the related administrative services, from making prescriptions and appointments to referring our patients to other specialists or clinics.

It is you, our patient, who is in the center of attention. We focus on you with our experience and our specialist network.